It’s time to take pause

The message is now clear

Into the chrysalis we go 

With both our Love and our Fear


Its impersonal and complex

With so many questions to ask

But whatever this time is

It reveals our next task


And shows us what happens

When in a people, there’s division

When we fight with our judgments

And throw flames of derision 


Everyone is shouting 

Everyone thinks they are right

Everyone othering each other

At Good and Evil’s eternal fight


But as long as we are stuck

In a world with two choices

We will never join together

And discover different voices


The voice that we speak

Needs meaning and compassion

And the need for good boundaries

Will always be in fashion


Let’s back away from the edges

Let’s walk back to the middle

Where multiple truths that are real

Won’t play second fiddle


For this either/or world

Feels toxic and sick

Try on both/and

For your next communication trick


Together we can rise

With our humanity we unite

So that this year of 2020

Won’t get lost in hindsight


Let’s now bring forward

The best of our Love

That stands for ALL people

In shared heavens above


But we must do our work

It’s in your anger and your fear

For some races, religions

The poor and the queer


The bad news, you’re no better

The good news, you’re no worse

Whether you’re a teacher, a doctor

A garbage man or a nurse


Yet we don’t get equal chances

And that much we should acknowledge

It translates into different opportunities

And the transmission of knowledge


So collect all your judgments

We all have our share

And take them into the chrysalis 

With your hope and despair


And commit to the unknown

And what might just unfold

When you pledge to be better

From right now till you’re old


Because no one is done

You’ve got room to transform

Healing our personal traumas

Is the work needed to perform


This situation is dire

This situation is real

No longer shall you bypass

Everything you won’t feel


So let’s meet this new moment

Of today’s anxiety and strife

And code your new self

With an upgraded version of life


Where we all pledge to wake up

And see what it’s worth

To take this plunge into darkness

For a much needed rebirth


The revolution is YOU

And its values, your face

So look into the mirror

Do you see your grace?


It’s there under your anger

And your denial of truth

It’s what you were born with

But may have lost in your youth


So enough with all the drama

And light your empathy match

For in the dawning of a new day

This new butterfly will hatch


This is our time now

To make peace with the dark

For its what is real right now

In history’s inglorious arc


How would you like to be remembered

Are you willing to play your part

To love each other as spirits

In every mind and every heart


Close your eyes, take a breath

Feel your feet on the earth

It’s time to go within

And certify your own worth


You will need every ounce

To face the real shit in life

This year, 2020

Cut us all like a knife


So wrap up all your wounds

And get ready, it’s time

To ring the bell aloud

And hear its sacred chime


Into the chrysalis we go

There is no more turning back

It may be a while

So make sure you bring a snack


And let’s honor those we’ve lost

For those let’s send a prayer

And let’s envision a future

With no disease in the air


And a life with more Love

In the beaming warmth of the sun

In the chrysalis we can dream

In the chrysalis, we are ONE