See Your Self: 2021

By: Jonathan Pofsky, MFT

It’s these times that we reflect

What’s been left up on the shelf

Time to dust off what’s of value

So you can see your Self


A Self leads the way

Of its many disparate parts

That runs in as many ways

With their distinct wisdom and smarts


It’s hard to get the message

For with these parts we blend

Threatening parts we just ignore

What kind of message does that send


For parts are forced to exile

To live underground asleep

Where they exist in darkness

Until they begin to weep


Waiting for our attention

To get curious as to why

Repeating the same patterns

In days and weeks that fly


Until we can’t take the pressure

Something foul spoils the mood

And we wake up to the Self again

Life’s eternal morsel of food


We can step back from some part

And take a little pause

We start to slowly breathe again

And reveal our suffering’s cause


It’s the war inside our heart

The disharmony sets the pace

For our parts to fight it out

In every crevice of our face


It doesn’t matter who you are

We all have got our parts

Some parts that carry trauma

And some that just make charts


To organize what we feel

To bring more harmony inside

It starts with the rise of Self

The Self will be your guide


The Self can just check in

To the part that’s always stressed

The Self can also appreciate

The part that knows its blessed


The Self is our leader

The present is our time

To navigate this transformation

Where words will start to rhyme


Avoidant parts can drive the bus

Sometimes the critic or skeptic

You can always step back to Self

The mind’s natural anti-septic



To cleanse these parts in light

So we can see more clearly

It’s the parts that we ignore

That we should really hold more dearly


So when you can remember

And it’s going to take time

And an investment you will realize

Is worth every nickel and dime


For when you reside in Self

And commit to build a home

One where you can finally rest

And eventually you can own


Your worth is your new foundation

The currency of your growth

Where trusting in the biggest Love

Is your heart’s most sacred oath


That you make a pledge to

Every morning that you wake

You will see the parts most real

And see through the parts that fake


That protects us for good reason

So other eyes can see our gold

We all want to feel that Love

To prove that we are bold


But all that just wears off

When inside there lives no center

Where fear roams free unhindered

Without a much-needed mentor


The Self connected and calm

Compassionate and clear

Courageous and ever curious

Creative and Sincere


Over time you’ll get more confident

In the Self you’ll start to trust

That every part’s of value

Both the pizza and the crust


So when you happen to forget

And trust me, you certainly will

Start with one clear breath

And make your body still


So you can find that pause

Amidst the pulsing and surging

Stepping back into your Self

Will begin your needed purging


To release the idea of ME

And the sense you’re just one thing

And embrace all the many parts

That can make your spirit sing


For the parts they come and go

And require your attention

So that you can take the stage

At your personal convention


And proclaim that you are ready

That you will do the work

To counsel all your wounded parts

And confront your inner jerk


The world needs you to do this

So that your harmony can shine

To that we all can raise a glass

Of life’s universal wine


Where some may not be able

To consider this privileged path

The poor and disadvantaged

May not make sense of this math


But they too can be met

In their parts and not in crazy

We can see them with compassion

Rather than too simple or too lazy


For it’ll take each one of us

For some changes to be made

The work will start in your heart

Where the Love it will not fade


It’s in you all along

And its pounding in your chest

This part is working overtime

So that you can be your best


Before your time expires

Into the mystery you’ll go

Appreciate this chance you have

To embrace the ebb and flow


And remain hopeful in the end

That we can all awaken

The moment when you see your Self

You will not be mistaken


It’s been there all along

The divine spark from your birth

Let go of what other’s think of you

And trust in your Self’s worth


And rest when you get overwhelmed

It can all get real confusing

May you rest though in the knowing

It’s actually more amusing


For the Self to be the counsel

To all these many parts

Your inner therapist’s speaking now

To this legacy of hearts


The beat it keeps on beating

A spark to what’s inside

This is how we make the change

And forever turn the tide


You’ve now got what you need

To reflect on your daily walk

So may your one and only Self

Be the one who likes to talk


The time has finally come

The day has now drawn near

For when you decide to See Your Self

That voice will be loud and clear